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New Release

We have 3 new release coming! Salsa del la Bahia vol. 2, Fly! and Ritmos Unidos



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About Patois Records

Patois Records is dedicated to support the growth and perpetuation of improvisational music that pushes the pre-conceived parameters of jazz and it’s related/unrelated forms. The organization is committed to record, perform, codify and promote improvisation as an integral approach to creating music and as a way of life.


Salsa de la Bahia vol. 2 CD Release & Dance party!

Join us Wednesday, September 17 at Yoshi's Oakland as we celebrate the release of Salsa de la Bahia Vol. 2, Hoy Y Ayer with a concert and dance party featuring live music by Pacific Mambo Orchestra and other guests.

"The musical spectrum of Salsa De La Bahia vol. 1&2 showcase the kaleidoscope of Afro-Latin musical colors seen and heard around the Bay Area.” – Wayne Wallace.