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THE LAST MAMBO A documentary film by Rita Hargrave

A documentary film by Rita Hargrave

The Last Mambo

Patois Records is pleased to announce the signing of filmmaker/dancer Rita Hargrave. Ms. Hargrave and Patois Records are currently in production of “Salsa De La Bahia Vol.,1” a musical compilation of the San Francisco salsa/Latin jazz communities to be released this summer. The CD features world renowned musicians John Calloway, Pete Escovedo, Edgardo Cambon, Roger Glenn, Karl Perrazo, John Santos, Orestes Vilató, Benny Velarde, Wayne Wallace and many more luminaries of the San Francisco Bay Area Latin music scene.

Also in production is the DVD “The Last Mambo” due to be released in early 2014. “The Last Mambo” explores the world of salsa/Latin jazz in the San Francisco Bay area from the diverse perspectives of dancers, DJs and musicians. The film discusses how the dance aesthetic, musical presentation and cultural context have changed in the wake of Afrocuban music’s growing popularity and commercialization. “The Last Mambo”, punctuated with interviews, photographs and concert footage captures the spirit of Salsa/Latin Jazz, celebrates its rich cultural heritage and debates the nature of its future.

Patois Records looks forward to sharing this legacy of great music with you.

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Best Latin Jazz album

World-renowned trombonist Wayne Wallace and percussionist Michael Spiro have earned a GRAMMY ® nomination for “Best Latin Jazz Album” for their CD Canto América on the Patois label. The Grammy Awards ceremony will take place in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 12, 2017.

5 out of 5 Stars - Superb!
Not just great music—this is a great work of art. Exquisite musicianship, impeccable performances, with a range that includes vocals, instrumentals, ballads, and uptempo numbers that will get you up and moving—and yet the parts fit together seamlessly. A beautiful, beautiful album. Support these gifted, thoughtful musicians and buy a copy today! – Eric T. Macknight