Repairing of garage door, can be done by the house owner themselves. If you are suffering from your garage door problem then you contact to a professional. Before calling ax expert you must check simple five things. There are some repairs that easy to fix but major issues can be managed by any professional. Such major issues are repairing a torsion spring, fixing of screw etc. Before going to hire any professional, you should check some important things itself. Those five essential things have been given below:
I. Alignment of tracks
Before calling a professional to garage door repair you must check the alignment of tracks. This can be the main cause of your garage door issues. To unscrew the tracks, is not always can solve your problem. To fix this problem you just need to assume the proper level of alignment of the tracks.

II. The rollers and tracks
You can solve a problem of your garage door to use a lubricant spray. The rollers and tracks should be polished with silicon spray. Before applying lubricant, clean rollers, and tracks of your garage door.
III. Dry and clean the tracks
There is old lubricant may cause the sticking issues on a garage door. If there is the problem of sticking then you can easily remove such issues by cleaning the tracks of your garage door.
IV. Metal tracks
In this case, it is easy to solve the problem very fast. The metal tracks cause issues due to having dent or bumps on it. If you find such issue with your garage door then you can fix it with the help of required tools.
V. Fix the loose bolts and screws
After some time, bolts and screws become loose. You can easily tighten the bolts and screws. So check all of its bolts and make them tight.

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